Facebook to add new AI features to Marketplace

Since the start of the pandemic, Facebook has been doubling up on their efforts to cover the needs of all users now that social distancing policies have made us stay apart from each other. Facebook does not only want you to conduct all your social activities on its main platform but also stay connected with your loved ones over text with Messenger and over video with Messenger Rooms.

But it turns out that is not enough, as the recent launch of the Shops eCommerce platform makes it perfectly clear that Facebook also wants you to use its platform to conduct most of your economic activities. And now, with the help of AI, they are one step closer to becoming, basically, society. Here’s what it could look like:


And this is just the start, as indicated in their vision:

“These efforts in building AI to make shopping easier are part of our vision to build machines that can learn, understand, and plan the way people do.”

Integrate with the machine here.