Google continues debuting new ad tools

Another week, another new Google ad tool.

Flexing its dedicated behavioural science research, the search giant is using insights from new findings around users’ purchase journeys in Google platforms to work on new additions to their ad offerings. Their research suggests that:

With so much information and choice available online, the space between the purchase trigger and the purchase itself has become incredibly complex. Through the lens of behavioral science, our latest Decoding Decisions research reveals how shoppers manage this complexity—we call it the “messy middle”—and codifies behavior into two mental modes: exploration (an expansive activity) and evaluation (a reductive activity). Discoveries made in the “messy middle” often determine the outcome, so it’s a critical space for businesses to connect with shoppers and win brand favor.”

Basically, it’s imperative to connect with users when they are most responsive. How? Google suggests that brands present users with ads featuring high-quality assets in order to engage shoppers to take action faster. As it so happens, we love high-quality assets too! Their newest feature, an image extension beta program, optimizes the assets themselves including how, when, and where they are displayed to obtain the highest ROI.

Interesting, right?

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