Hyperlink stickers are now heading to LinkedIn

Constantly experimenting with innovative additions to amplify in-app user interactivity while retaining the ‘professional’ social media platform title, LinkedIn has been gradually rolling out a new feature to its ever-growing visual tools: clickable link!

It allows you to add a link sticker to a photo or video post, which will surely drive the curious mouse pointers and fingers towards your website. 

The platform’s anticipated option seems to be an exact copy of what we see on Facebook and Instagram Stories. While there are some formatting limitations to the stickers including zero shading options, this does not cancel out their striking practicality in boosting external traffic when used in both videos and images.

We’ll be able to find the clickable link option under the post creation tools tab soon. However, it will only be available for mobile creators at first, but desktopers, do stay tuned!

Learn more here.