Instagram introduces ‘Live Donations’

Alongside baking and binge-watching Netflix, tuning in to your favorite celebrity’s livestreams is one of those activities we all do during the pandemic. Even we jumped on the livestream bandwagon, in fact.

Instagram of course noticed that IG Live witnessed a 70% increase in usage during March alone (even IGTV could be experiencing some spill over success). But most importantly, though, they saw the potential to turn the feature into a tool for good. Using ‘Live Donations’, you only need to tap to activate and select the non-profit of your choice during your Live broadcast to start your own fundraiser. The platform details that:

“Once you begin your Live broadcast, you can see how many people are supporting your fundraiser and the amount of money raised in real time. Tap View to see a breakdown of your donors and individual contributions. You can even thank them in real time by tapping Wave.”

TikTok, another platform that has undoubtedly become a quarantine success, is also releasing donation features to help those most in need. The new ‘Donation Sticker’ will be available for traditional looping videos and TikTok LIVE streams and will work towards raising funds for select organizations “whose missions support vulnerable groups that are reflective of some of TikTok’s thriving communities”. In addition, the platform explained that:

To further support these impacted communities, TikTok will be matching user donations made through the Donation Stickers until May 27. The hashtag #doubleyourimpact will automatically be added to videos and TikTok LIVE streams that use the stickers.”

Read more about Instagram here and TikTok here.