Instagram launches ‘Drops’

For all content creators and community managers out there: can you imagine having a whole tab dedicated only to build hype for a new release and promote the latest products? Well your dreams may have just come true (and prepare to adjust your content calendars) because that is precisely what Instagram’s ‘Drops’ is all about!

A new addition to the Shopping tab, ‘Drops’ will feature the newest products in a eye-catchy format which will also allow users to set reminders about their favorite upcoming products. The release of ‘Drops’ thus follows a very clear eCommerce strategy for the platform that will eventually include a checkout system and allow Instagram to collect transaction fees. According to TechCrunch:

Like other online shopping offered through Instagram, consumers can make their Drops purchases directly in the Instagram app itself via Checkout on Instagram, not by visiting third-party websites. This model will eventually allow Instagram to collect fees on purchases — something that’s become a more important part of Facebook and Instagram’s overall business model in the wake of Apple’s privacy crackdown on iOS apps that impacts Facebook’s ad revenues.

Naturally, ‘Drops’, as well as the whole Shopping section of Instagram, are still only available in countries that are not in the MENA region—we will let you know when they drop here, of course!

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