Reddit rolls out new ad inventory types

Reddit has never truly been a platform that can be considered mainstream and that is reflected in the robustness of its ad structure. Or lack thereof, that is.

However, this seems like it is about to change. Just last week, Reddit announced the introduction of ad inventory types, which will allow you to have better control of where your content appears in the platform. This is, of course, a feature long present in bigger platforms like Facebook, yet it is a welcome addition for less mainstream advertising.

The inventory types are:

  • Expanded Inventory: Where advertisers can access Reddit’s maximum inventory pool and appear next to the broadest range of content. This new tier will open up more than 20% more communities for targeting, giving advertisers access to a significantly larger user base via inventory that continues to meet Reddit’s content standards
  • Standard Inventory: The recommended setting that provides balanced reach and protection to fit the needs of most advertisers
  • Limited Inventory: In partnership with Oracle Data Cloud’s contextual intelligence, this tier provides the strictest brand safety measures with more controlled reach through an added layer of 3rd party verification that gives greater control to advertisers with brand suitability concerns

Have you considered advertising your brand on Reddit?

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