Search like a pro with LinkedIn’s new Search tools and improved layout

LinkedIn is strengthening its position as the career and industry-related insights platform by enhancing its search filters, improving result listings and much more.

When browsing LinkedIn on desktop, you will now be able to see that search filters are placed at the top of the search results page, including a drop-down menu for different options. However, the most frequently used filters, such as connection degree or current companies, are now displayed by default to make it easier for users to hone in on the results they want.

The platform has also refined its search results to show more relevant predictions to what users might be looking for. For example, when searching for “community manager,” users will not only get to see people who hold the same job title, but also a list of relevant job openings.

One more addition to the search process is the ‘Connections of’ filter, which will allow users to easily search their connections’ connections (some deep level stalking!) that work in a specific field, location, company, etc. LinkedIn’s reasoning for this update is as follows:

“With 70% of people being hired at a company where they had a connection, your professional network goes a long way in helping you connect to opportunities. Now think about how helpful your extended network can be in helping you find an “in” to your next job, or the perfect candidate for that open position on your team.”

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