YouTube experiments with product tags

Now that most of the biggest social networks either have or are currently getting eCommerce features, YouTube does not want to stay behind. Google will not only be offering seamless shopping tools in its main search experience but will also be bringing them to their video platform.

Reports confirm that YouTube is testing ‘product labels’, a feature that will allow creators to identify the products showcased in their videos to create a catalogue for users to easily purchase them from Google’s established shopping tools.

This experiment is only the start of a long-term plan, however. Bloomberg reports that:

For months now, Google executives have signaled that YouTube will be central to their e-commerce strategy. On a recent earnings call, Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai suggested YouTube’s sea of popular product “unboxing” videos could be turned into a shopping opportunity. The video site is full of other popular categories, such as makeup and cooking tutorials, where creators tout commercial products on air.”

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