YouTube updates its green screen option for Shorts

The usage of Shorts will more likely rise with YouTube’s latest green screen update. Creators can now use any eligible YouTube video or Short as a background for their own Shorts clip.

As explained by YouTube:

“You can create using both the audio + video or video-only if you choose to mute the audio. To use Green Screen, just select Create > Green Screen on the menu of options under the video you’re watching or press the 3-dot menu in the Shorts player and select Green Screen. The max length you can create with is 60 seconds.”

YouTube had previously launched the green screen option, just like TikTok and Instagram. However, the original creator is now attributed via a source link within the Shorts display.

On another note, YouTube is also allowing creators to cut down clips of their YouTube videos and post them as Shorts. The latter will be linked to the original YouTube video, potentially increasing reach.

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