Digital is a means for customers to find out more about a company than what the ad says. This has become an opportunity for all departments (beyond marketing) to jump on the digital communication bandwagon ranging from sales, to HR, customer service, research and innovation among many others. We believe that new age agencies should work with different departments across an organization.

Netizency is a digital marketing agency built to help organizations navigate the new digital world, and facilitate ways in which they can better utilize the internet to improve their business through communication. In order to do that we follow a Plan. Create. Amplify. process whereby we start all our engagements with a digital communications strategy that involves meeting with the different stakeholders across the departments of an organization, assessing digital maturity, and setting a plan of action. This is then followed by a content plan to create the necessary content for all departments; which is then amplified through paid media and product placement.

In order to implement the above, we have recruited an eclectic team of digital experts ranging from managing consultants to community managers, videographers, influencers, media specialists, and designers.


We start all our engagements with a digital communications strategy; this is done through the following 4 stages:


Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital maturity is assessed with respect to the market and within the organization itself.


Defining Social Media and Digital Communication Objectives

In this stage all the data from stage 1 is synthesized and analyzed resulting in the identification of 2 main issues:

  • The client issue
  • The consumer issue

This data is then used for the formulation of measurable communication objectives


Content strategy

A content strategy is developed in order to meet the objectives set in stage 2.


Implementation Plan

This stage will identify the working process and methodology to create the content and the KPIs to measure the content against.


We develop all forms of digital content ranging from activation ideas to videos, animations, gifs, static images, live event coverage and social applications. We have an extremely quick content creation cycle, and we make sure to customize our content based on the interests and digital behaviors of our audience.

We work across all platforms and make sure that we adapt the content to everything from a Snapchat story to a Facebook Canvas or a simple Tweet.

Our team includes a strong content development department that consists of digital activation experts, and expertise in:

  • Digital Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Video Editing

Our event coverage activities include live posting, live video coverage, 360 video development, and pre-templated posts that include quotes and images. We also work with a few partners to integrate social activities within events like Live photo booths and social walls. Here are some of our live coverage activities & equipment:


We have a highly experienced community management team that works across different industries. Unlike other agencies who have an assembly line involving different resources responsible for siloed individual activities; our community managers sit at the core of the social media process and are directly involved in all the facets of client and community interaction including:

  • Client interaction
  • Customer response
  • Social listening & trend identification
  • Page moderation
  • Content creation
  • Analysis and monthly report generation
  • Content publishing
  • Coordination with the digital content team, media, and analysts

Digital content is useless if it does not reach the right audience. We therefore make sure that our media plan is closely integrated with our community management and content creation process.

We put all our media effort in making sure that we utilize the right platforms to target the most relevant audiences, and constantly optimize and customize our communication to reach the best conversion rates.We target people based on a variety of demographic, interest and behavioral criteria including:

  • Language
  • Demographics
  • Handset/Device/Operator
  • Company/Industry/Position
  • Interests
  • Friends of selected people
  • Similarity to others
  • Behavior/GPS location
  • If they visited your site
  • Keywords
  • Emails & Phone numbers
& Analytics

We believe that if you cannot measure and analyze digital communication then you should not be doing it. We put a lot of effort and investment in having the best measurement processes and tools in place for everything we do.

We are the first Middle East based agency to sign a partnership agreement with Sprinklr, the most comprehensive social media tool used globally by Apple, Google, Red Bull, P&G, Nasa, McDonald's, Visa, and Nike among many others.

We use Sprinklr for :

  • Differentiating your brand by staying ahead of the competition and optimizing

  • Achieving strategic, efficient, content marketing from one collaborative workspace

  • Activating social chatter into real-time insight and engagement

  • Identifying audiences similar to higher converting customers, allowing the company to reach new audiences without exhausting their existing client base

  • Putting your fans in the spotlight with real-time large scale displays of the best social content

We also use multiple competitive benchmarking and digital auditing tools to assess clients position among their peers and the best performing content in the industry.

We have devised a multitude of reports to match specific client requirements that are developed and shared at specific time intervals.

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