Apple, Supply Chain and Tim Cook

I dug up an old article on TIm Cook by mistake, and by old I mean an article written in 1999! Now when I think about it, 1999 seems so far away. I didn’t like Apple back then, and wouldn’t have imagined that in the future I will be the owner of an Apple product. How little we know what the future hides 🙂

Back to the article! Today we read a lot about Apple losing its edge and Apple this and Apple that… And with the passing of Steve Jobs everyone started saying that this is the end of Apple… And we all didn’t know much about Tim Cook.

However, now after reading that article, I feel there is so much that we should know about Tim Cook!

“I’m really big on asset velocity,” says Tim Cook. According to Cook, Apple was missing potential sales because it couldn’t fulfil demand and was piling up huge excess inventory that later was being written off at a big cost. To Cook that explains why Apple lost $1 billion in 1997 when they used to have five weeks of inventory in the plants and when they were turning inventory 10 times a year as opposed to 180 times a year after Cook implemented his strategy…

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