Instagram Reveals its Own Photo Collage “Layout”

The social network channel “Instagram” revealed a new application for smart devices that allow users to post a single image that contains a variety of images.
Instagram named the new application “Layout” which is an amendment tool that allow users to easily create a network of new images in various forms by combining several images.
The application “Layout” has the tools to integrate the selected images in the main picture in different vertical and horizontal conditions, as well as tools to edit images and to measure how it looks, it also offers different filters to be implemented at the pictures.
Instagram indicated that the application provides its users the possibility of choosing images from smartphone using the phone memory, and the simplicity to find the selected image based on the timing of its storage.
The social network channel, which is owned by Facebook said that one out of 5 monthly active users, representing about 60 million users, share those types of embedded images which are created through external applications, and this encouraged them to create the mobile application “Layout”.