Is X really a Super App, or the same ol’ Twitter?

Chirp away, blue birdie… Twitter has decided to switch things up again with a brand new logo: X. 

It seems that Elon Musk is planning to overhaul Twitter’s branding, potentially changing the platform’s color scheme from blue to black and even defaulting to dark mode.

And guess what? Musk went all out by redirecting straight to He also implied that a tweet might be called “X” in the future, alongside changing “followers” to “viewers”.

But let’s not forget, this obsession with the letter X isn’t new for Musk. He loves that little letter so much that he had Twitter change its legal name to X Corp earlier this year. Talk about commitment!

In the wake of Twitter’s rebranding news, waves of digital protest spread like wildfire under the trending hashtag #GoodbyeTwitter. Perhaps we’ll also be tweeting #BringBackTheBlueBird in no time. Tweet more – or, I mean read more here.