LinkedIn is testing polls

The last time we discussed a new LinkedIn feature, which was the announcement of LinkedIn Stories, we warned that the platform had crossed a line of no return. We don’t want to say we told you so, but…

We told you so.

A reverse-engineering expert has recently discovered that LinkedIn is working on implementing a poll feature within their platform. Even though we do not know more details just yet, we have no doubt that your business will benefit from it—as long as you use it wisely!

Despite the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, social media platforms are continuing a UX development pattern first identified last year. A pattern of UX imitation, that is. As detailed in this article by our very own Ala Shashaa and Walid Sanjad, the arrival of TikTok broke the momentum of the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in trying to innovate with unique features. Instead, TikTok’s unexpected and resounding success is prompting these heavyweights to restart imitating each other on the features that are working.

So we are officially calling dibs on LinkedIn Coffee Breaks looping videos. It’s going to happen!

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