Meta revamps its ads ecosystem

Meta has rolled out a series of updates to its Advantage+, Reminder and Shops ads, aimed at empowering brands to better engage consumers and drive conversions:

  • Advantage+ creative optimizations: This feature ensures your video ads display flawlessly on Reels and the mobile versions of Facebook and Instagram, adapting them automatically to the 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Advantage+ catalog ads update: Advertisers now have the flexibility to include branded videos or customer demos in their Advantage+ catalog ads (previously dubbed dynamic ads), moving beyond static images. 
  • Hero images in catalog ads: By uploading a hero image to your Advantage+ catalog ads, Meta’s AI will dynamically showcase your most relevant products for each viewer.
  • Shops ads revamps: These include expanded access to Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations that unlocks Shops ads for a wider audience. Additionally, combining Shops ads with Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Partnership ads is now possible.
  • Reminder ads extra perks: Reminder ads now support external product links, with Meta planning to roll out more event alerts and Reels integration soon.
  • Global Promo codes: Meta is introducing global promo codes, allowing advertisers to showcase deals with alphanumeric codes that users can easily find and apply from Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Expansion of ads with product tags: Meta is bringing product tags to Facebook ads, previously only available on Instagram. By April, all businesses will be able to leverage this feature globally, even without a Shop.
  • Collaborative ads updates: Advertisers will gain deeper performance insights, plus a pilot test that lets them combine Collaborative ads with Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Phew, the list is surely huge! This treasure trove of ad updates recently dropped by Meta will undoubtedly help brands level up their game and craft ads that convert.

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