Snapchat debuts ‘Swipe-up to Call’ ads

It’s a Christmas miracle!

After weeks and weeks of reporting features from our favorite platforms being only available in the US, Europe, or literally the rest of the world – yes, I’m looking at you Instagram Music– we are happy to announce that the Middle East is finally getting an exclusive.

This exclusive comes in the form of phone calls.

Apparently in the Middle East, not only have we not forgotten that old-fashioned communication mechanism, but we love calling people so much that Snapchat created an ad option just for us. They explain that:

“Swipe Up to Call removes friction between advertisers and consumers. This new ad product is built on the insight that consumers in the Middle East still enjoy phoning their friends and family, and similarly, they also like calling small, medium, and large businesses to learn more about their products and services, and make purchases.”

This new ad option should increase the trust between users and advertisers and so it is a welcome addition and valuable alternative to consider.

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