The Definition of a ‘Positive Environment’

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Some believe that a typical office should be a sanitized corporate environment where socializing only happens at lunch breaks. Personally, I can’t imagine working in a place where I feel forced to only do work. I support the idea of having a fun and positive environment at the office where people need to finish their work but can have fun, talk, and play while doing it. When the workplace is fun the employees feel satisfied which leads to more productivity.
Some people define a fun workplace as one that is colorful with cool furniture and billiard table; personally, I disagree, I believe the most essential element of a fun workplace is the management. Yes, the décor plays an important role, but just like all materialistic things after a while they fade out. Good management taps into talent and resources to support and bring out the best in their employees and evoke potential. When people feel encouraged, accepted and happy, they become more motivated and perform better.
The workplace is a reflection of its management. Thus, yes you can find tons of articles on the Internet that talk about steps to making your workplace more positive and they might work fantastically; however, the one that is managed by naturally positive, sociable and fun people consists of no recipes or steps and it has a very unique flavor. Exceptional managers know that having fun is as important as accomplishing tasks. They view having fun and laughter as good for maintaining good mental and physical health. Laughter, love and positivity create a sense of happiness. Creating a joyous workplace brings a sense of purpose to work and results in dedicated performances.
Having said that, I will leave you with a quote by the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma “Before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go to, it’s which boss you follow.”

Author – Dana Khalil