TikTok testing hour-long videos

TikTok is testing the ability for users to upload videos up to a whopping 60 minutes long. This move signals a significant shift for the platform, which built its reputation on bite-sized content, and challenges its biggest competitor, YouTube.

There are a few reasons why TikTok might be testing longer videos:

  • Catering to creators: Longer videos allow creators to tell more complex stories, delve deeper into topics, and potentially explore new content formats.
  • Keeping users engaged: With longer videos, users might spend even more time glued to the platform, which translates to more ad revenue for TikTok.
  • Competing with YouTube: By offering longer videos, TikTok positions itself as a more versatile platform, potentially luring creators and viewers away from YouTube.

While YouTube is the obvious target, could TikTok’s long-term goal be even more ambitious? Imagine hour-long episodic content, similar to traditional television shows, finding a home on TikTok. 

It’s a bold idea, but with its massive user base and focus on mobile viewing, TikTok could potentially disrupt the television landscape.

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