Universal Music mutes TikTok 

Since February 1, 2024, Universal Music Group (UMG) has been removing the music catalogs of high-profile artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Olivia Rodrigo from TikTok. 

This action follows failed licensing agreement negotiations between UMG and TikTok. UMG alleges that TikTok pressured them into accepting an unfair deal lacking proper compensation for artists, protection against AI-generated music, and online safety measures. 

In response, TikTok expressed disappointment, accusing UMG of prioritizing its interests over those of the artists. Consequently, UMG-owned music on TikTok will be muted, and users will need to select music from other labels.

The absence of UMG’s extensive catalog on TikTok is notable, with users now lip-syncing to silence and creators’ videos experiencing a significant decline in views. 

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