X unveils ad “sensitivity settings”

Not sure whether to call this a gesture of consideration towards advertisers, or perhaps a hint of urgency amidst plummeting ad sales.

In all cases, X has decided to introduce “sensitivity settings” to amp up its game with advertisers, by employing machine learning to ensure ads are shown next to appropriate content.

These new controls operate according to specific thresholds of sensitivity, which include:

  • Relaxed Sensitivity (coming soon): Aims to maximize ad reach by deliberately displaying ads alongside sensitive content.
  • Standard Sensitivity (default): Designed for brands with moderate sensitivity thresholds to avoid displaying ads alongside targeted hate speech, explicit content, etc.
  • Conservative Sensitivity: Offers the highest level of content filtering by rigorously pushing ad placements the furthest possible from all types of problematic content.

It is important to note that X had previously implemented similar keyword-based “adjacency” controls, but saw little impact on its ad business.

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