YouTube announces new kids’ protection measures

When all things fail and your kid won’t stop crying, YouTube is the answer for many parents!

YouTube is growing to become a family platform, with a boost in shared accounts and devices usage among family members, especially kids.

Familiar with the case, YouTube is taking new measures on kids and data protection on the platform to ensure that it remains as a safe place for the younger audience.

As such, the video platform will start limiting data collection and entirely stop ads on child-related content.

Here is YouTube’s comment on the matter:

“We are changing how we treat data for children’s content on YouTube. Starting in about four months, we will treat data from anyone watching children’s content on YouTube as coming from a child, regardless of the age of the user. This means that we will limit data collection and use on videos made for kids only to what is needed to support the operation of the service. We will also stop serving personalized ads on this content entirely, and some features will no longer be available on this type of content, like comments and notifications. In order to identify content made for kids, creators will be required to tell us when their content falls in this category, and we’ll also use machine learning to find videos that clearly target young audiences, for example those that have an emphasis on kids characters, themes, toys, or games.”

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