YouTube introduces ‘video chapters’

Were you ever in a situation where you were watching a concert from your favorite band and tried to find that one song that you really liked but couldn’t remember the exact location in the video?

Or where you were watching a videogame playthrough of a particularly difficult level but missed a key location and now you have to rewind all the way to the beginning?

Well, this is for you!

YouTube is experimenting with the introduction of ‘video chapters’, which are dividers that you can find in the video scrubber bar providing extra contextual information about the video content at specific points in time. Or in YouTube’s own words, a sort of “official timestamp”.

These chapters are optional and they have to be set up by the video creators. But it is as easy as opting in and selecting the chapters.

This looks promising—as long as they don’t just become spaces to place ads in, that is.

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