YouTube leveling up its shopping game

YouTube has unveiled a new suite of features to enhance creators’ shopping experiences.

Here are YouTube’s new ways to help you transform your hustle into real financial rewards:

  • Shopping Collections: These allow you to group your favorite picks from different brands, making it super easy for followers and viewers alike to find exactly what they need to recreate your magic. “Shopping Collections” will appear in your creator product list, Store tab and video description.
  • Affiliate Hub: Struggling to find brands to partner with? Fret no more! The all-new “Affiliate Hub” is here to save the day. This handy tool connects you directly with potential Shopping partners, letting you browse commission rates, exclusive offers, and even request samples.
  • Fourthwall: YouTube just added “Fourthwall,” a website builder that lets you smoothly create online stores without needing any coding skills. You can link your Fourthwall shop directly to your YouTube Studio for easy management of both your content and merchandise all in one place.

These updates are surely a game-changer for creators seeking to integrate product marketing and monetization seamlessly into their content. 

Gone are the days of clunky product placement and awkward affiliate links in video descriptions!

You can read more about this update right here.