Bookmark tweets at the touch of a button

Sometimes pressing the heartsy ‘Like’ or birdy ‘Retweet’ isn’t the smartest move if you want to safeguard a certain tweet — think ex boyfriends, competitors, Donald Trump, Andrew Tate…

Hence ‘Bookmarks’, the bane of our Twitter lives, hidden under the ‘Share’ button. But the app has thankfully rolled-out a belated UI revamp, instead placing the functionality at the top right corner of your screens for a swifter touch of one button. 

Hopefully Chief Twit will be introducing ‘Search’ and ‘Folders’ options so we won’t have to resort to third party tools anymore — but it’s hard to let go of Tweetsmash with its neatly-curated categories and Notion-synced streamlined digests.

What’s also good is that ‘Bookmarks’ are to remain private (we did fear them becoming ‘Views’ dreaded stepchild). And maybe when Twitter steps the right foot into e-Commerce with its product listings, they’ll become even handier.

Read Musk’s announcement tweet here.