Decoding Instagram’s mixed messages

Instagram has been sending its creators some confusing signals lately. Let’s unpack two recent announcements that have had us scratching our heads!

Long Reels, Short Shelf Life?

First up, the seemingly contradictory advice on Reels length. Remember that warning about 90-second Reels hurting your reach? Instagram clarified that only Reels exceeding 90 seconds are ineligible for the Explore page and Reels tab recommendations. You can still post longer content, but it won’t get the same algorithmic push. However, Instagram is also experimenting with longer Reels options (up to 10 minutes!). 

CTAs: Friend or Foe?

Instagram recently (and then promptly deleted) a post suggesting that using certain calls to action (CTAs) could harm your post’s reach. This sparked outrage among creators who rely on CTAs to drive engagement. Thankfully, it appears this was simply a misstep by Instagram’s communication team.

Stay tuned, creators! Instagram is constantly evolving, and navigating its ever-changing landscape requires staying informed and adapting your strategy.

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