Facebook embraces vertical videos

Get ready for a full-screen takeover! Facebook is flipping the script with a major update, as the platform is ditching the horizontal format and embracing the vertical world of TikTok. 

Any video you tap on, regardless of its original format, will now expand to fill your entire screen. Don’t panic, landscape lovers! You can still access a full-screen option for those horizontal holdouts. Why the sudden shift? Mobile has become the undisputed king of social media and scrolling through endless vertical feeds is now second nature. Facebook is just playing it smart and adapting to how we actually use the platform (hint: it’s not with clunky laptops anymore).

This update comes with revamped controls, including a simplified interface for reactions, a convenient slider for longer videos, and new UI buttons to skip back and forth.

Facebook is also enhancing its video recommendation algorithm. While the details are still under wraps, here’s the gist: as a user you will be seeing more videos (short or long) that tickle your fancy, and creators who just repurpose content from other platforms without any editing? Well, their videos might not get the love and attention they deserve in the future.

Time to ditch the landscape and think vertically first!

You can read more about this update right here.