Facebook rolls out new tools for business Pages

As more than 80 million businesses are using Facebook to reach their customers, the platform has launched a number of updates for Pages to connect with their customers better and drive valuable transactions.

First off, Facebook is bringing Recommendation to Pages, allowing users to post at least 25 characters long reviews, including texts, photos and tags, that will be prominently featured on the Page.

The second update is Actions, which will allow users to easily book an appointment, order food, or send messages, etc. by simply tapping on a prominently featured suite of action buttons on the Page. While the prominent CTA button has been available for a while now, the new option aims to make it easier for users to take more specific actions direct from the feed in as few clicks as possible.


Thirdly, just like Instagram profile Story tap, Facebook is taking a similar step to help businesses increase their Stories visibility and usage. Now, users will be able to view Stories by simply tapping on a Page profile photo.

Facebook has also rolled out number of other features that will allow brands to customize business information and sell event tickets directly from Pages. Finally, it has also expanded Pages job listings to all regions.

It would be worth it for brands to consider implementing the new options and see how will they work for their business.

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