Google finishes testing Dataset Search

From political science and economics, to geosciences and agriculture, and all the way to business studies, datasets are vital but scarce. They contain the huge breadth of organized information you need for your thesis, your science experiment, or your latest market research report.

The main problem is finding them.

Now that ‘Dataset Search’ is finally out of beta testing, the process of finding the trove of information you need has become considerably easier.

Google describes the biggest changes as follows:

“You can now filter the results based on the types of dataset that you want (e.g., tables, images, text), or whether the dataset is available for free from the provider. If a dataset is about a geographic area, you can see the map. Plus, the product is now available on mobile and we’ve significantly improved the quality of dataset descriptions.”

No more sifting through badly designed websites and incredibly long loading times looking for datasets. Enjoy!

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