Google’s jazzing up your product images AI-style

Does your product portfolio feel too bland and looks in dire need of a visual revamp? If so, then you should keep an eye on Google’s highly anticipated generative AI tool!

Google is set to launch its brand-new Product Studio that will allow businesses to create eye-catching product imagery using generative AI

This was announced during Google Marketing Live and is currently being tested with US-based merchants.

Product Studio is accessible via Merchant Center, where you can upload any product image and then specify the desired background, lighting and other details. The tool will then generate a higher-quality visual, whether its product shots or 360-degree panoramas.

In a nutshell, Google’s Product Studio will undoubtedly be a huge game-changer for brands looking to save a few bucks when designing their digital display window. 

From fashion to home decor, the potential is enormous. You can learn more here