Increase your tweet engagement 

Right after relocating the Bookmark button to the lower function display of the detailed tweet view, Elon Musk has decided to count bookmarks as “silent likes” and treat them as a reach factor. 

Reading Musk’s announcement tweet, it also seems that bookmarks will remain private and users won’t be able to view the list of people who flagged their tweets. But they’ll be given a total number instead. 

We’re still uncertain about how this feature will function and how it will affect tweet engagement rates, specifically, how it will calculate “silence”. Because not all that is bookmarked is liked. The button is often used as a record of unimportant things, a collection of your ex’s activities or simply for future reference.

But we do know that everyone will be unintentionally pressing it, thinking they’re going for the heart of fondness. Maybe Twitter devs have deliberately forgotten about muscle memory…

Regardless, marketers and creators – do add Bookmarks to your metric considerations!