LinkedIn boosts newsletter discovery

Newsletters have made a successful comeback on LinkedIn, becoming a creator economy win for parent company Microsoft; while other platforms like Meta and Twitter discontinued their projects for cost-cutting, and Substack’s pandemic success has already waned.

With its latest update to kick-in on February 11, LinkedIn will be showcasing all your newsletter subscriptions at the very top of your profile. Also, when searched for, users’ name cards will be accompanied by a list of all newsletters they author right underneath. Both displays will sport a subscribe-with-one-click embeddable button.

There’s a tiny twist though: the only option to hide a newsletter from ‘Featured’ placement would be…unsubscribing.

This doesn’t erase the fact that LinkedIn’s basket of newsletter updates is quite a welcome addition, not only amplifying newsletter visibility but also granting members vast opportunities for tapping into undiscovered content realms.

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