Instagram launches “Ads with Promo Codes”

Instagram is making shopping even easier and more rewarding with the global launch of “Ads with Promo Codes,” now accessible to all brands worldwide after being announced last week.

With promo codes embedded within ad captions, businesses can effortlessly incentivize users to make their purchases directly through the Instagram app. The best part for users? No more scrambling to enter codes at checkout! These promo codes will be automatically applied for purchasers at the end of their shopping journey.

Moreover, “Ads with Promo Codes” also allow businesses to track sales directly attributable to their Instagram campaigns, providing them with valuable data and crucial insights into the effectiveness of their strategies.

It is worthy to note that this new ads roll-out follows the lead of promotional ads (available only within specific regions) that have proven successful on Facebook, suggesting that Instagram users are more likely to be receptive to this new functionality.

To wrap up, the launch of “Ads with Promo Codes” is indeed a win-win situation for both businesses who can now boost their sales, as well as users who will enjoy the convenience of hassle-free savings.

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