LinkedIn ups the ante for B2B marketers

Attention B2B marketers! LinkedIn is making serious waves with the expansion of its video ad program, the Wire Program, and the continued development of AI-powered marketing tools. 

No longer in beta, the Wire Program is available in all languages on mobile and desktop, allowing brands to sponsor in-stream video ads alongside trusted publisher content on LinkedIn. With the expansion, targeting options have broadened, giving you the ability to reach a wider pool of relevant B2B professionals.

Now available to global users, LinkedIn is also making its AI-powered campaign creation tool, Accelerate, even more versatile. B2B marketers can expect creative freedom with Microsoft Designer integration, smarter targeting with the ability to exclude specific companies and third-party lists, as well as an AI marketing assistant for campaign guidance.

In a nutshell, this combination offers a powerful one-two punch: high-impact video advertising and data-driven campaign optimization for B2B marketers. 

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