Instagram makes creator-brand collaborations easier

Instagram is working on a game-changing feature: “Creator Insights” display. This new feature bridges the gap between creators and brands, making it easier than ever to forge valuable partnerships.

Imagine having a snapshot of your account’s performance readily available for brands to see. That’s exactly what Creator Insights offers. It provides a quick overview of key metrics over the past 30 days, including “Follower growth,” “Accounts reached,” and “Accounts engaged.”

Creator Insights not only equips you with data-driven insights that showcase your value to potential partners, but it also minimizes the need for lengthy email exchanges explaining your reach and engagement. With valuable performance metrics at their fingertips, brands can easily identify creators who align with their target audience and campaign goals.

Currently, Creator Insights is in a testing phase, available only to a select group of creators. Similar to Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, creators have the option to selectively share this information with brands. 

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