Meta bets big on chatbots with “Meta AI”

Move over Siri and Alexa, there’s a new AI assistant in town, and it wants to chat! 

Meta is bringing its “Meta AI” chatbot to all its major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger (though not yet on Threads). The chatbot can also be accessed via its standalone website.

The possibilities are endless! Craving a delicious recipe while scrolling Facebook? “Meta AI” could easily whip up some culinary suggestions. Struggling with an Instagram caption for your epic selfie? Fear not, the AI wordsmiths are here to craft head-turning captions. Feeling lonely on WhatsApp? Maybe “Meta AI” can become your virtual bestie, ready to chat 24/7 (because AI never sleeps… yet).

This move signifies Meta’s ambition to become a leader in the field of generative AI, as it clearly challenges OpenAI and other players in the industry. 

“Meta AI” is powered by the impressive Llama 3 language model, aiming to be your one-stop shop for conversation and creative assistance across all your favorite Meta apps.

Where can you find “Meta AI”? The chatbot is integrated into the search bar of each app, and it is also tucked within Instagram chat. While it currently supports only English, more languages are expected to be added soon.

Whether it’s providing helpful information, sparking creative ideas, or simply offering a friendly chat, “Meta AI” has the potential to change the way we use social media.

You can read more about this update right here.