LinkedIn unveils Premium Company Pages

Calling all small and medium businesses (SMBs)! LinkedIn just dropped an update that could shake things up on the professional networking platform: the new “LinkedIn Premium Company Page” subscription.

This service is packed with features designed to enhance your company’s online presence:

  • No more writer’s block: LinkedIn’s got AI on hand to help you craft compelling content for your company page. 
  • Grow your followers flock: LinkedIn is also offering growth strategies to help you expand your follower base and reach a wider audience.
  • Profile power-up: On top of all of this, you can expect enhanced features for your company profile, allowing you to showcase your brand in the best possible light.

While the exact cost is still under wraps, reports suggest plans could start at around $99 per month. 

This move highlights a two-pronged approach for LinkedIn. First, it’s a way to diversify their revenue streams beyond traditional advertising. Second, it reflects LinkedIn’s commitment to becoming a valuable tool for businesses.

The quiet rollout of the Premium Company Page suggests LinkedIn is strategically testing the waters to see how businesses will respond. 

Although it’s too early to say if this will be a game-changer, one thing is clear: LinkedIn is making a strong push to become an even more essential tool for businesses in the digital age. 

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