Meta’s latest Threads incentive

Meta is ramping up efforts to attract influencers to Threads, offering substantial incentives to seal the deal.

With Threads’ user base growing, Meta aims to leverage this momentum by offering creators, on an invite-only basis, a hefty bonus for posting on the Threads app. 

Here’s the deal: Meta is reportedly giving away $5,000 as an incentive to some of its most popular influencers across Facebook and Instagram. If their Threads posts rake in over 10,000 views, they earn an additional payout – something some users are already achieving regularly.

The new influencer incentive program is indeed a lucrative deal, but it’s also not entirely new. Meta initiated a pilot program earlier this month, but they’ve enhanced it with a higher bonus and increased view requirement.

All in all, it seems that Meta wants to fuel Thread’s growth momentum, and they’re hoping that big-name influencers can attract their followers to join the party.

You can read more about this update right here.