At the end of each month, here at Netizency, we delve into the ever-evolving world of social media and online platforms in the Gulf. Our goal? To shine a spotlight on the key trends that matter and dissect the conversations making waves. To achieve this, we’ve curated a set of keywords in both Arabic and English that encapsulate discussions relevant to the region’s main industries. These keywords are then sorted based on the frequency of mentions, allowing us to analyze the discourse across social and online media throughout the entire month.

April’s stats are IN, and guess what? It’s a familiar face-off at the top. Electronics and Entertainment maintained their dominant positions, garnering the highest volume of mentions and interactions. Education took the bronze for mentions, while Automotive secured that spot for interactions.

Top Themes


During April, as is customary during Eid and special occasions, social media transformed into a tech giveaway battleground! Our electronics listening dashboard was flooded with posts from brands and influencers hosting contests with prizes like laptops, smartphones, and other tech gadgets. This sparked a frenzy of retweets and comments. However, we’ve filtered these out to uncover trending conversations within this category beyond the contest hype. Let’s dive into the details.

Remember the buzz we discussed last month about Apple potentially integrating Google’s Gemini for iPhone chatbots? Well, it seems that the tech giant’s quest for the ideal AI solution is ongoing! During April, news outlets shared articles about renewed discussions between Apple and OpenAI, focusing on the integration of the latter’s advanced AI into iOS 18. Naturally, this news sparked chatter among users in the GCC about Apple’s ultimate choice for its next iPhone chatbot: Will it favor Google’s Gemini or OpenAI’s ChatGPT? But with Apple keeping its plans shrouded in mystery, we have no choice but to wait until the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), slated for this June, to find out!

Apple has also been a focal point in our next trending story, albeit in a less favorable light. Android enthusiasts and news outlets fueled a surge in electronics mentions this month, driven by the IDC’s Q1 2024 global smartphone shipments report. According to the report, Samsung has emerged as the dominant force, claiming a remarkable 20.8% market share and effectively dethroning Apple from the top spot. Apple followed at a 17.3% market share accompanied by a significant sales decline. Xiaomi rounded out the top three with a market share of 14.1%. Samsung fans reveled in this achievement, flooding social media with praise for their brand’s dominance and extolling the unique features of their devices, casting a shadow over iPhones – a rivalry that’s far from new!

Furthermore, Dubai’s continuous embrace of technology always turns heads, and this recent revelation from Sheikh Hamdan about the city’s Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence was no exception. The announcement sparked high momentum during the month, particularly about the plan’s goal of leveraging technology to enhance quality of life and maintain Dubai’s position as a global leader on this front. Comments from UAE-based users echoed excitement, praising city leaders for their forward-thinking approach to implementing AI in various sectors.


April’s entertainment scene was packed with events like Eid Al Fitr, April Fool’s Day, International Dance Day, Coachella, and more. Among the buzz, certain stories caused a surge in mentions. Let’s explore the details.

We all cherish those cozy evenings at home, especially when we’re engrossed in the latest trending show, buzzing with memes, reviews, and the enticing promise of a true story. The latest Netflix mini-series, “Baby Reindeer,” offers all that and more. What’s even more surprising? The protagonist, Richard Gadd, portrays himself, reliving his own story, delving into his haunting account of enduring years of harassment and stalking, leading viewers through one of his darkest periods. This revelation had social media buzzing, with users squirming at the thought of Gadd acting out his own ordeal. The show sparked engagement, with TikTok flooded with videos about the protagonist’s traumatic experience. Some users took a lighter tone, crafting memes about the stalker’s quirky laugh, bubbly demeanor, and amusing typos in her stalking emails. Others shared their own stories, connecting with Gadd’s experience of dealing with stalkers.

Amid today’s global events, discussions on double standards and hypocrisy are on the rise. While many champion equality, their commitment often wavers when it suits them. Similarly, they advocate for broader beauty standards but recoil when those standards expand. The recent controversy surrounding Apameh Schoenauer, the newly crowned Miss Germany 2024, vividly illustrates this phenomenon. Schoenauer, a 39-year-old Iranian architect, women’s rights advocate, and mother moved to Germany at the age of six. After winning the Miss Germany pageant, she encountered a flurry of negative comments about her appearance and ethnicity, sparking heated discussions within the Entertainment dashboard this month. News outlets quoted her calling the criticism “superficial.” Despite the negativity, numerous women expressed support by leaving positive comments on her posts, commending her inspiration and the pageant for its inclusivity.

Additionally, there has been a notable uptick in mentions and engagement this month surrounding Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, all thanks to its latest brand ambassador announcement. And who’s the lucky pick? None other than Ryan Reynolds, snagging the title of ‘Chief Island Officer’. The brand’s post playfully lays out his job—to showcase the wonders of Yas Island to the world. Fans enthusiastically joined in, leaving comments like “Yas Island just got even better!” and “Count me in if Ryan’s leading the tour!”, signaling high excitement for what’s coming next.


In April, the Education landscape captured several peaks in chatter, which were heavily influenced by both the weather conditions in the UAE and Oman, as well as the dire situation in Gaza.

Beginning with the weather, the UAE and Oman experienced unprecedented heavy rainfall, resulting in flooding, road closures, and disruptions. This prompted educational authorities in the UAE to suspend in-class attendance and switch to remote learning for student safety. They actively posted alerts and tips for students and parents on social media. In Oman, the situation took a tragic turn as reports emerged of ten Omani students losing their lives in floods while returning home from school. Their story went viral on social media across the GCC, evoking an outpouring of support, sympathy, and heartfelt condolences for their families.

Transitioning to the influence of the Gaza situation on the Education dialogue in April, the initial focal point revolved around the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation. The Foundation initiated an educational relief fund aimed at aiding 900 students from Gaza and the West Bank, particularly those whose education had been interrupted. Media outlets reported on the Foundation’s efforts to offer financial support to students in their final year pursuing medical, health sciences, or STEM studies at universities outside Palestine.

Additionally, the situation in Gaza spurred student activism on US educational campuses advocating for a ceasefire. This movement gained significant coverage across online platforms in the GCC and globally. Videos of protests at prominent US universities like Columbia, Yale, and The University of Michigan circulated widely, generating a flurry of shares and comments. Expert interviews and analysis videos also surged, recording comments from the online community applauding the courage and resilience of the new generation and holding high hopes for their future endeavors.

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*This article was originally published by Communicate ME, access it here.