TikTok launches test of a Stories feature

Did we need Stories on TikTok you ask? It seems that TikTok, at least, thinks we do as it’s currently testing the feature with a small group of users.

Despite every other social media platform having dabbled into Stories in the recent past, having a Stories feature on TikTok could have its upside.

To clarify, users will be able to use photos – not just videos that currently form the main format in the TikTok feed – which could ultimately boost app usage drastically. Secondly, it would be a good starting point to encourage users who have profiles on the app, but have never actually posted anything, to get cracking by giving them a more familiar format to work with.

Additionally, while TikTok Stories at this point seem to be exactly like what you get on other platforms, there are two key points of differentiation that would make TikTok stand out from the rest, which are public comments and views count display. TechCrunch explains this as follows:

“Where TikTok’s version of Stories differentiates itself is that it allows users to comment publicly on the creator’s content. These comments are public, the app explains, as mutual friends can see each other’s comments. There is also another tab where you can see how many people viewed a given Story, and whether or not you’re following those users. A button will allow you to click to follow people back, if you choose.”

There are currently no further details if and how soon TikTok will roll out this feature to all users, so we are yet to find out!

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