Using Behavioral Insights to Sell

Behavior insights, data, selling products, technology

While some companies are busy trying to get around the major technology launch. I think about this non-techie guy sitting in a technology conference looking at a tech geek speaking about Petra Hertz chip, hyper-threading, this & that. But all that matters for this non-techie guy is simple; will it solve my data collection problem? Will it solve my reporting system? And surprisingly several major technology buyers (procurement) belong to this category; many of them don’t understand what the technology really is.

So considering this, if you want to sell a product you have to just sell the benefit, and ideally show people how this would apply to their specific business/scenario.

While you may thing selling with benefits sounds simple, it’s more complex than you think. When trying to sell with benefits, you will have to go deeper into your customers life’s to ask “why?” and “how?” If you do this right, those insights will help shape a better product experience and ultimately lead to great sales.

When we try to engage with clients, the behavioral insights tend to be missing even though all related data may exist. It’s these behavioral insights that help shape your product and make it relevant, it would also help to include comparisons and even social curation. The best way to deal with this is to talk to your customers, observe them, and truly understand their business and needs.

Example: SONOS created a wireless speaker and mesh network that plays audio in every room of your house, but you’ll rarely hear them speak to it. They rather rely on mood and feeling (because that’s really what their customers are seeking) to convey their point.

Last but not least, It only took one apple to fall on Newton’s head! You don’t need a great chunk of data; sometimes a single right insight can be enough to spark something great.