X bids adieu to Follower Ads

Elon Musk has once again made another major change to his favorite “super app”, saying goodbye to yet another Twitter-era feature.

Effective August 10, X has begun the process of discontinuing “Follower Ads” (also known as “Promoted Accounts” campaigns). These ad placements feature a “Follow” button, aiding brands in promoting their accounts across user feeds. Notably, this offering is one of the platform’s earliest ad offerings.

Musk’s decision is aimed at encouraging advertisers to embrace more multimedia-rich ad styles, aligning with X’s newfound focus on longer-form videos

However, this does come as a surprise, considering the ad revenue losses that have befallen X and knowing how easy Follower Ads are to sell. 

As we conclude, let’s give a round of applause to X for shaking things up and keeping us on the edge of our seats every week.

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