X makes “Likes” private for everyone

In a move that’s sure to spark debate, X has quietly rolled out a major change: “Likes” are now mostly private. This means you’ll no longer see the number of likes a post has received, and others won’t see how many times you’ve liked something (except for your own posts).

According to X’s engineering account, the goal is to create a “safer space” for users to engage with content. Elon Musk has also chimed in, stating that the change aims to encourage people to “like posts without getting attacked for doing so.”

Thanks to this move, users might feel less pressured to “like” things based on popularity or fear of backlash. This could lead to more genuine engagement based on actual interest. However, without “Like” counts, it might be harder to gauge the overall popularity of content or identify trending topics; potentially impacting the discoverability of smaller creators.

In short, while the impact on user experience is uncertain, X’s move reflects a growing concern about online toxicity. However, it’s still early to say if this will translate into a more civil online space.

You can read more about this update right here.