YouTube adds new ‘Corrections’ feature

Mistakes are common – but they need an awful lot of work when you have to delete and re-upload a video to correct them! 

To address this, YouTube has introduced a new feature called ‘Corrections’, which will allow creators to add notes to their videos after publishing them. The new feature will display an info card in the video playback at the top right, to signal when and where a correction note has been added to a clip.

YouTube explains the new feature as follows:

“Up until now, if a creator wanted to correct an error in an existing upload or provide an update to information that was no longer accurate, short of editing and re-uploading the video, resulting in loss of engagement metrics and comments, the options were limited to adding a note in the description, responding to comments calling out the error, pinning a comment or doing nothing. With the launch of Corrections, creators will be able to call attention to corrections and clarifications in the descriptions of their already published videos.”

This is a pretty useful addition for creators to avoid loss of engagement. 

Learn more here.