Enchanted Forest

You can organize desert safaris with your colleagues, or order pizzas for meetings, but all of those are occasional extras that can help create temporary pleasures.

We felt the need to tackle the root cause of happiness which to us is the overall surrounding environment. This entails having some awesome people for colleagues and a comfortable work (living) space with an upbeat atmosphere.

We just moved to our new office in Dubai Design District aka d3. We call our office the Enchanted Forest, it was developed by ALMAX Design. The office was designed using a technique called bio mimicry whereby its inspired by nature with organic flowing designs, a collaborative working space and multiple breakout areas in forms of serene retreats.

Making the perfect work environment is mixing business with pleasure, Netizens can refuel during their breaks by taking a nap


Spin some tunes to get everyone in the mood


 Watch a movie


Swing or just hang out at the bar.


For all the rest of the time, everyone at Netizency works on one ergonomically designed table with built in trees (inspired by a resort swimming pool), watching a viral video or on a call


Our aim was to create an environment that is more like home than work.


You are welcome to visit us anytime, in case you get lost in the forest. Call us