Facebook is testing a new commenting feature

Similar to Twitter’s reply controls, Facebook is testing an option where posters will now be able to choose who comments on their posts – or at least who gets to be featured. ‘Spotlight Conversation’ will allow users to create a separate section for replies from users they choose, and another for other comments. 

This option is meant to create “dedicated spaces without interruptions” for users, where conversations can be more focused on specific issues. This feature is meant to bring more uses to the Facebook comments section, such as Q&A sessions, info sessions, interviews, and possibly real-time conversations between popular users.  

Brands and businesses can utilize this feature through creating focused chat-based info sessions or expert interviews, where only the interviewer and the interviewee will be able to interact in the comments section without interruptions. Other users will be able to give their feedback and have their own conversations about the issue in the separate tab. 

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