Google tests research to create videos from URLs

Don’t you hate waiting for website to load for more than 10 seconds in the middle of 2020? We definitely do! A badly designed website can make or break a shopping experience—and that’s why your business should have one that covers the basics.

Google knows this is a widespread problem, and to support small businesses with small marketing budgets, it has recently announced a new experiment geared towards lowering the costs of video production. Powered by AI, Google is introducing a research prototype pipeline called ‘URL2Video’ that will convert the visual assets of your website into a video without the need for big production budgets.

Google explains that URL2Video:

“extracts assets (text, images, or videos) and their design styles (including fonts, colors, graphical layouts, and hierarchy) from HTML sources and organizes the visual assets into a sequence of shots, while maintaining a look-and-feel similar to the source page. Given a user-specified aspect ratio and duration, it then renders the repurposed materials into a video that is ideal for product and service advertising.”

Learn more here.