LinkedIn updates guide for best targeting practices

How confident are you in your LinkedIn game?

LinkedIn is positioned as the most important site for professional and corporate communications. Whether you are a young professional looking for a job or a seasoned CEO sharing market insights, you would most likely benefit from a strong LinkedIn presence.

And the team at LinkedIn knows that their platform and their data are unique, and have made it so that their targeting options are unique as well. On the updates to targeting options and best practices, Johanna Kimura, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, says:

“The reason LinkedIn targeting stands out among B2B marketers is because of the unique professional context of the platform. Members are incentivized to keep their profiles accurate and up-to-date for networking, personal branding, and career opportunities. This inherent professional mindset empowers marketers to drive quality interactions with influencers, decision makers, buyers, and executives.”

Are you up to date with the wide range of possibilities for advertising on LinkedIn?  Check out their latest guide here.