TikTok for Business MENAT awards digital marketing assignment to Netizency

This announcement was written using TikTok musical references.


So one day Netizency got this email from TikTok For Business in MENAT that said “Hey, you wanna work on a pitch?” to which Netizency of course said “hell yeah!”

Anyway so the team at Netizency got super excited and started working on a proposal that was totally innovative and exciting and it went like:



Creating TikToks

More Brainstorming


More TikToks


Pitch presentation over ZOOM (cause you know, Covid)

And just a few days later, TikTok came back and said

“Marry us, Netizency
You’ll never have to be alone
We love you and that’s all we really know
We talked to our guys, go write out a contract
It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes””

Netizency wanted it. Netizency got it. The TikTok For Business MENAT assignment. And thus began a lifetime of marketing matrimony. What does that mean? It means that Netizency will be responsible for the social and digital content, as well as event branding for TikTok for Business in MENAT.

Hold up, wait a minute! What about the quotes from the key people involved? Here ya go:

Fadi Khater, Founder and Managing Partner at Netizency said: “Landing the TikTok for Business account is like seeing light at the end of the dark 2020 tunnel. The team at Netizency has already hit the ground running and all I can say is, we’re ecstatic to be seeing eye to eye with the TikTok team. I can’t wait to see what other crazy projects we’ll work on together.”

Shant Oknayan, General Manager of Global Business Solutions for TikTok MENAT said: “With the TikTok business seeing unprecedented growth in MENAT in the first half of 2020, and with more and more marketers and advertisers finding opportunities for their brands on the platform, it only made sense to start building a TikTok For Business community in MENAT. We knew that finding the right partner to take along on this wild ride was important, so our pitch process set out to do just that – understand what makes the agency tick (no pun intended). And there was a click with the Netizency team from the get-go – we’re very fortunate to have them on board.”

This announcement was originally published on Campaign Middle East here.