TikTok rolls out new ‘Recipe’ button for food content

Being in the crosshairs of several governments around the world has not stopped TikTok from continuing to expand its app functionalities. While their legal team deals with battling politicians, the platform is now turning to an often overlooked content theme: Food!

Foodies are the main beneficiaries this time with TikTok’s new integration with recipe platform Whisk. Reports confirmed last week that the short video platform is adding a new ‘Recipe’ button that will allow creators to share the recipes of what they cook in their videos through Whisk’s site. Users can then choose to save the recipe or see similar ones in their Whisk account.

But to continue playing in the big leagues, they have to not only keep the fun features flowing but the money, too—the format can only be so appealing without extensive monetization options. For this reason, and according to the Financial Times, TikTok is introducing:

  • A tool that lets its most popular users share links to products and automatically earn commission on any sales
  • The ability for brands to showcase catalogues of their products on the platform
  • “Livestreamed” shopping, a mobile phone version of television shopping channels, where users can buy goods with a few taps after seeing them showcased by TikTok stars

If you are a food creator, these are promising times to be on TikTok!

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