Twitter launches an Ads Transparency Center

Twitter has committed to providing more transparency into their behind-the-scenes advertising process ever since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. The Ads Transparency Center is its latest effort in that regard.

The Ads Transparency Center will enable people, even those who don’t have a Twitter account, to view all ads being run by any Twitter profile within the last 7 days.

Users will be able to access more data about U.S. political advertisers through the Transparency Center, such as: billing information, ad spend, and demographic targeting options used. This is only available for U.S. based candidates at the moment, with views to expand it to cover more regions in the future.

While this tool’s main aim is to address concerns that were raised during the US Presidential Election in 2016, it could prove to be of huge significance for marketers too. Social media marketers can use it as a research tool to help them get a better understanding of their competitors’ ads activities and how they are approaching their Twitter audience.

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